Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Endeavour moved to her launch pad today

The space shuttle Endeavour was moved out to her seaside launch pad this morning in preparation for her February construction flight to the International Space Station.

Endeavour, attached to her two white rocket boosters and rust colored external fuel tank, began her move a top mobile launcher platform #2 out to launch pad 39-A at 4:13 am EST, under a bitterly cold 32 degree temperature.

Moving at top speeds of 1 m.p.h. down a gravel laiden road designed to support the massive weight of the crawler transport, the move to the pad concluded at 10:37 am.

NASA's first shuttle flight of the year is planned for February 7 at 4:39 am EST.

Endeavour and her crew of six will deliver the final two U.S. sections for the space station - the Tranquility module and a 360-degree window view node.

Endeavour's flight will mark the first of the final five shuttle missions ever.

NASA's youngest orbiter -- which first flew in 1992 -- was attached to her boosters and huge fuel tank days before Christmas.

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