Friday, April 27, 2012

A personal voyage aboard a Blue Angels F-18 Hornet

ROBINS, AFB, Ga. -- The thrust. The high G pulls. The beauty of our earth inside an incredible high performance military aircraft.

The feelings of pure excitement as I soared over Georgia aboard a U.S. Navy Blue Angels F/A-18D Hornet on Wednesday.

The images tell only half the story of my exclusive flight inside a majestic Blue Angels jet out of Robins, AFB near Macon.

A blue and yellow special low friction high gloss painted F/A-18 sat on the flight line under blue skies awaiting her crew -- myself and her pilot Lt. Mark Tedrow. 

Her canopy stood open to greet her crew under the blue sky.

Upon each of my jet's twin vertical stabilizers is a painted yellow "7". There are seven Blue Angels jets in service six of which fly in formation during the air show.

Lt. Tedrow pilots the Angels' no. 7 aircraft. He has logged over 1400 flight hours inside military aircraft after earning his wings of gold in 2006.

I was offered this unique flight by Robins, AFB and the Blue Angels staff in February, and now my life's adventure had arrived.

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