Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kennedy Space Center Family Day Today

On the heels of a busy month of April at America's Spaceport, employees here at the Kennedy Space Center will spend today with their families as the annual KSC Family Day gets underway under beautiful blue skies.

The main feature for most will be what I call a photographers delight as families get their final up close look at two space shuttle stacks sitting a top their launch pads over at complex 39. With Atlantis at pad 39-A and Endeavour on pad 39-B, the two space shuttles will remain exposed with their rotating service structures in the launch position.

While the closed to the public family day is in progress, technicians will move the payload canister for the STS-125 Hubble servicing flight out to pad 39-A where it will be installed into Atlantis [above, today @9:05 am ET] payload bay for flight. Atlantis is targeted for launch on May 12th at 1:31 pm EDT.

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