Thursday, October 22, 2009

White House Panel Outlines what NASA should consider

The Augustine Committee released it's report on the future of American spaceflight today, as NASA and it's partners turn the corner into a new decade of space flight in the coming months.

NASA sits perched on a mountain top with a beautiful nest in International Space Station, and the white dove of the space shuttle about to have it's wings clipped late next year. So what in fact does NASA do?

Based on 2010 and future funding, how long can the international space partners continue to fund the station program, and will the new Constellation program reach new heights as technicians move it off the drawing boards and onto the launch pad?

Led by panel chairman Norman Augustine, the White House panel spent 2009 interviewing key members from the highest to the lowest ranks within NASA to determine a positive route for the American space program during the 2010's and beyond.

Click Here to view in .pdf the full report of the Augustine commission's findings.

We at SpaceLaunch News urge you to take 15 minutes to read most of it and digest what you read. Please comment below your thoughts as we hear from you, too. Thank-you.

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