Monday, May 10, 2010

Atlantis' Crew Arrives for Friday's Launch

Atlantis' crew arrives in Florida for launch. (NASA-KSC)

The six member crew of the next space shuttle flight arrived upon America's Space Coast to prepare for their launch aboard Atlantis on Friday.

"The spaceship is ready to go, and we're ready to fly. Look for a good show on Friday," Atlantis' commander Kenneth Ham stated after arriving.

The flight crew arrived in a complement of four T-38A jets touching down at 6:49 pm EDT this evening, one after another here at the Shuttle Landing Facility, adjacent from the massive Vehicle Assembly Building.

"We are ready to launch," Ham added.

The crew will head to bed at about 9PM tonight, followed by a wake up call just after 5 AM on Tuesday morning.

The crew are in a specific sleep cycle which is aligned with their flight's time line and that of the six crew members aboard the International Space Station.

Lift-off of NASA's 132nd space shuttle flight is planned for 2:00:07 pm this Friday afternoon from launch pad 39-A.

The twelve day mission will see Atlantis approach and dock to the space station's Harmony PMA-2 port on Sunday at 10:27 am.

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