Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Claus to approach Space Station tonight

Tracking map shows the Station in green and Santa in red.

Christmas Eve marks a special day for most Americans as they share their love and friendship with family and friends.

It will also mark a time in which jolly St. Nick flies over several NASA space centers and the International Space Station en route to the homes of children here in America.

Led by Rudolph and eight reindeer, Santa Claus is expected over the United States during a night time pass by the space station at about 9:03 pm EST, this evening.

The six person crew aboard the station are expected to train cameras on the sleigh for the brief three minute visit.

He is then expected to swoop down over the Kennedy Space Center prior to visiting the homes of children across Florida.

NORAD and Peterson AFB in Colorado will begin tracking Santa several hours earlier to assist with weather reports and air traffic, the military base stated to SpaceLaunch News.

We will have live updates tonight via our Twitter feed: @SpaceLaunchNews.

Merry Christmas.

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