Monday, December 12, 2011

NASA launches online music channel Third Rock Radio

ATLANTA -- NASA on Tuesday launched a new rock space station on the Internet designed to incorporate music for those in technology fields.

"Your connected to America's space station... this is Third Rock!," the new station announced which blends new rock music with Indie and some Alternative.

"No one knows more about discovering new rock than NASA," states RFC Media co-founder and president known simply as Cruze. "Exciting new music is being discovered online through specialty sites like Third Rock America's Space Station where listeners will hear about great new artists way before their friends hear of them."

The Houston-based radio station's commercial free first day incorporated music with short interview clips from NASA employees, such as "Carly" who described her job tasks.

NASA hopes to use the station to promote new discoveries in both music and new tech and engineering jobs across America.

RFC Media will add iPhone and Android Third Rock Radio apps in the near future. NASA will also add a link on their popular NASA app.

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