Thursday, February 05, 2009

Delta 2 Launch Scrubbed at Vandenberg

The launch of a Delta II from Vandenberg, AFB in California was delayed earlier this morning due to an issue and has been rescheduled for Friday morning.

Currently, launch of a Delta II from launch complex 2 at Vandenberg, is set for tomorrow morning at 5:22 am EST (2:22 am PST). The launch window is 10 minutes.

+++'s Up to the Minute will carry LIVE coverage of the launch tomorrow beginning at about 3:30 am EST. Click On our NASA-TV link at top, right column. +++

Once aloft, the Delta II [above, taken yesterday via VAFB] will release NOAA's GOES-N meteorological satellite into a polar orbit above the earth. A "Polar orbit" means a vertical orbit. There it will begin to replace an aging GOES satellite.

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