Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Target Launch Date for Discovery

UPDATE: NASA shuttle program managers have delayed the launch of space shuttle Discovery until no earlier than February 27th. This is a "working date" and an official launch date will be announced late next week following a program management meeting.

Team of engineers and techs both here at Kennedy Space Center, and westward at the John Stennis Space Center in south Mississippi, are reviewing and continuing data runs regarding the hydrogen flow valves in the aft engine compartment of the orbiter.

If NASA sets the official date for Feb. 27, then the launch time would be 1:32 am EST.

++ SLN: Up to the Minute would then begin our LIVE launch coverage from here at the Cape at 8:30 pm EST, on Feb. 26th. Tune in via our NASA-TV link at top, right column. ++

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