Friday, September 18, 2009

Discovery to Depart California on Sunday

The space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to depart her recent landing site in southern California for her home base at the Kennedy Space Center on Sunday morning, that is if flight planners give the A-OK based on recent weather over Texas.

Discovery, which landed at Edwards, AFB and the Dryden Flight Research Center on September 11th following a two week space station resupply mission, was mated a top a NASA Boeing 747 jet this morning and is ready for the two day cross country flight.

Shuttle managers will meet again at about 2PM EDT on Saturday to determine the best flight path to take based on the latest weather observations over Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

On Wednesday, the aft main engine tail fearing was locked into position over the main engine nozzles to give the area a more aerodynamic style. On Thursday morning, the landing gear doors were closed on the orbiter as preparations were made to lift and mount the shuttle a top the 747.

A Sunday morning Dryden departure could see Discovery landing at Kennedy's shuttle landing facility on Monday evening, following an overnight stop over in central Texas.

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