Monday, September 21, 2009

Discovery aiming for Noon arrival in Florida

The space shuttle Discovery will spend this morning dodging rain storms as she continues the final leg of her journey piggyback a top a Boeing 747-200 jet.

Spotty rain storms in the deep south forced NASA and the pilots of the shuttle carrier aircraft to reroute the second day of the Aeronautical Duo's cross country trip which began early yesterday from southern California.

The Boeing 747-200 aircraft took off from it's overnight stay at Barksdale, AFB in northern Louisiana this morning at 9:36 am EDT. At 10:08 am, the pair had to divert off its flight path as the crew worked to avoid a storm cell as they flew along I-20 west near Jackson, Mississippi.

NASA stated this morning, "The ferry flight team plans to divert to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida to refuel and temporarily wait for a break in the weather."

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