Monday, February 22, 2010

Shuttle Shuffle: Discovery moved to the VAB

Discovery is moved today to the VAB at KSC. (KSC/NASA)

Technicians at the Kennedy Space Center moved the space shuttle Discovery from her hanger to the massive Vehicle Assembly Building this morning for mating to her fuel tank and rocket boosters in preparation for her Easter launch.

First motion of the orbiter transporter began at 10:19 am EST, as it backed the orbiter up and then traveled the short distance around the corner to the VAB.

It was the second move of a space shuttle today.

Earlier this morning, Endeavour -- having just returned from two weeks in space last night -- was the first to begin the shuttle shuffle as she was moved from the runway over to her hanger for processing.

Discovery was later attached to a huge yellow crane and will be lifted into a vertical position tonight for mating to her rust colored external tank. Following several days of electrical checks between the two, the STS-131 space shuttle stack will be moved out to launch pad 39A.

Rollout is currently scheduled for the first hours of March 2.

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