Monday, February 08, 2010

Endeavour's Crew begins busy second day

The six person crew of the space shuttle Endeavour will focus on the careful inspection of the thermal tiles of the craft tonight to detirmin if ice or debris damaged any areas during launch this morning.

The crew awoke at 6:15 pm EST to the music of "Give Me Your Eyes" played for first time space flyer pilot Terry Virts.

Detailed launch video studies here at the Kennedy Space Center shows a nearly foot long section of insulation which broke free from the upper section of the shuttle's external fuel tank and might have hit the orbiter. Tonight's inspections will look to see if it was a strike.
NASA's 130th space shuttle mission lifted-off this morning at 4:14:08 am, beginning a 13 day mission to deliver new living quarters and a multi-window dome section which will support earth views and station operations.

Tonight, Endeavour's payload bay cameras showed beautiful views of the Italian-built Tranquility node in the mid section of the bay. (above image at 6:10 pm tonight)
Tranquility will serve as both sleeping quarters and gymnasium and provide extra storage of supplies brought up by unmanned cargo crafts.

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