Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Discovery Returning to the Kennedy Space Center

Mission Control radioed the space shuttle Discovery the words of 'go for the deorbit burn' this morning, signaling that Discovery's coming home today.

The inclement along America's Space Coast forced Mission Control to waive off the first of two landing opportunities this morning into the Florida spaceport.

Discovery is now set up for a return home following 15 days in space to the Kennedy Space Center's runway 33 at 9:08 am EDT.

At 8:02:55 am, Discovery fired her twin orbital manuvering system engines which slowed the ship down by 205 miles per hour. The speed decrease is enough to slow Discovery's orbital velocity and drop the craft out of orbit.

The burn lasted 2 minutes, 57 seconds as she flew 223 miles over the southern Pacific Ocean.

Ground track by Discovery for a KSC landing.

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