Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Russia Launches Supply Craft to Space Station

The Russian Space Agency launched an unmanned spacecraft filled with fuel and supplies to the International Space Station in support of it's six member crew.

A Soyuz U rocket with the Progress M-05M lifted off today at 1:15:09 pm EDT (17:15 GMT) from Pad 1 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in western Kazakhstan.

This is the thirty-seventh Progress cargo craft to be sent to the space station.

The 167 foot Soyuz darted into the night sky and toward a 51.65 degree inclination to match that of earth's orbital complex in space.

The station's Expedition 23 crew includes Commander Oleg Kotov and Flight Engineers T.J. Creamer, Soichi Noguchi, Mikhail Kornienko, Tracy Caldwell Dyson and Alexander Skvortsov.

Docking of the resupply craft to the Russian Piers port is planned for Saturday afternoon at 2:34 pm (18:34 GMT).

According to the space agency in Moscow, the entire checklist of supplies aboard Progress includes:
Prop in the propulsion system tanks 870kg

Gas in the oxygen supply system containers - oxygen 50kg
Water in the Rodnik system tanks 100kg

The items in the cargo compartment 1318kg
Equipment for the systems:
gas supply system 33kg
water supply system 73kg
on-board hardware control system 5kg
Telemetry data system (BITS2-12) 2kg
Thermal control system 6kg
Telephone and telegraph system 2kg
Onboard computer system 3kg
Maintenance and repair equipment 5kg
Sanitary and hygienic items 71kg
Food containers, fresh products 325kg
Medical equipment, linen, personal hygienic and prophylactics items 155kg
On-board documentation files, crew provisions, video- and photo-equipment 35kg
Equipment for Russian crew members 42kg
Stored items (kit 9) 5kg
FGB-hardware 64kg
MRM2-hardware 53kg
USOS hardware 420kg

Total mass of the cargo delivered 2,588 kg or 5,706 pounds.

Russian mission control near Moscow told this reporter that included in the personal supplies for the "Russian crew members (are) sweets, new movies and books".

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