Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Endavour Countdown Underway for Friday Launch

SLN: Up to the Minute, I'm Charles Atkeison... At 10:00:00 pm ET last evening, Call to Stations was issued here at the Kennedy Space Center's Launch Control Center and Firing Room #4, as the launch countdown began for space shuttle Endeavour on mission STS-126.

This countdown will see several planned holds between now and T-09:00 minute point as NASA aims for a 7:55 pm ET night time launch on the final mission of 2008. The holds are sections of time to allow the countdown to stay on schedule should an issue arise - technical or weather related.

Also, the seven member flight crew arrived here at KSC at just before 4pm ET for flight. Today, they will receive mission updates to their timeline; the commander & pilot will practice evening touch and go's at the shuttle landing facility in the Gulfstream II jet; and simply adjust their sleep times to the mission's time.

Currently, there is a weather forecast "go" of 60% for Friday, and 40% "go" for Saturday, stated Cape Weather on Monday.

At T-2 days, 12 hours until the launch of shuttle Endeavour toward the international space station, this is

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