Saturday, November 29, 2008

Watching KSC Weather for Sunday Landing

The crew of Endeavour and landing teams in Florida and California spent Saturday preparing for a possible Sunday afternoon touchdown -- but where...?

Gusty winds of up to 30 mph and high anvil clouds are the forecast for Florida. Thus, the California landing site at Edwards, AFB at Rogers Dry Lake Bed has been called up in the hopes of getting Endeavour down on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in space, the shuttle today powered up and tested an auxilary power unit in order to test the elevons, rudder and body flap used during landing. The orbiter is in great shape and according to Mission Management leader Leroy Cain, "From what we've seen on orbit in our inspections on this vehicle, Endeavour looks to me, and to the experts in fact, to be as clean or cleaner than any vehicle that we've flown."

The first landing time is 1:19 pm EST at Kennedy Space Center's Runway 15. A second landing attempt could be attempted at 2:54 pm. The two Edwards, AFB landing attempts would take place at either 4:25 pm or 6:00 pm EST.
And, aboard the International Space Station the Expedition 18 crew members awaited today the arrival of the Progress 31 cargo ship which launched from Russia a few days ago. Carrying supplies, oxygen and food, the Progress M31 is scheduled to auto dock with the station on Sunday morning at 7:25 am EST.
++ Click on the NASA-TV link for our LIVE coverage of both the docking and Endeavour's return home tomorrow. ++
As Endeavour's crew prepares to head to bed at 8:55 pm tonight for their last sleep in space, this is

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