Saturday, November 29, 2008

Endeavour prepares for Sunday Landing

The seven member crew of Endeavour will spend Saturday preparing the orbiter for her Sunday afternoon homecoming back here at the Kennedy Space Center after 16 days in space.

This is the latest landing data for Sunday:

Payload Bay door Closure at 9:33 am EST
Target DeOrbit Burn: on Orbit 248 at 12:14 pm
Target Touchdown: Orbit 249, KSC Runway 15, touchdown 1:19 pm

Latest ground track image for landing.

Current weather forcasts for the KSC area at just after noon on Sunday call for winds out of the south at about 20 to 30 mph, chance of thunderstorms and a high of 80 degrees. A second landing opportunity for KSC is one orbit later.
One crew member, Greg Chamitoff, will have mixed feelings once Endeavour returns to KSC. That's because after six months aboard the international space station, he is ready to see earth again, but will miss his home in space as well. Launched on May 31st, Chamitoff will spend several days post-landing working to regain muscle strength and normal daily activites in gravity.

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