Wednesday, December 17, 2008

apple's iTunes Offers NASA HD & Music

As a loyal customer of apple products as of late, I currently use my apple iPhone 3G with my new iMac 20" computer for calendar, email and multimedia syncing. This allows my iPhone with 16 GB of memory to carry my computer's media files on the go.

Now take a step back from this picture, and visualize having the latest NASA high def video saved to your computer or iPhone. I have the enjoyment of watching NASA HDTV anytime I want on my iPhone via apple's iTunes.

Available to download for free [] on any Mac or PC, iTunes offers NASAcast and many other free NASA video clips which run several minutes each. From the latest shuttle launches and landings, to Hubble & space station updates, you can stay up to date and carry the cool video short movies with you.

iTunes has a music search at upper right of their page. As a treat, type in "Cape Canaveral" and download the cool song Cape Canaveral by Conor Oberst. This song was me during the 1990's! Every line I can relate to or saw...

Also, I put "Apollo" into iTunes music search and downloaded recently the Apollo 13 motion picture soundtrack, and several audio-only NASA Apollo launch countdown clips, too. Comment below on what you have downloaded, I'd love to find it.

Cool history embedded in my phone and to watch when I want - mine to keep.
So when your doing your Holiday shopping, think about implementing new multimedia technologies into your life.

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