Thursday, December 11, 2008

Endeavour Overnights in Louisiana

Endeavour at Barksdale Thursday - Shreveport Times

Shuttle Endeavour is making her trip home, one state at a time, due to stormy weather this afternoon over the southeast by heading to Barksdale, AFB for an over night stay tonight.

The Air Duo land at Barksdale late today.

Located in the northwest corner of Louisiana, Barksdale will be the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft /Endeavour duo's hotel this evening as the Boeing 747 is refueled and KSC personal traveling with the aircraft combo wait out the inclement Florida weather. The pair arrived Barksdale, AFB after swinging south by Houston at 2:14 pm EST.

Endeavour / SAC 747's arrival at Barksdale was delayed slightly due to strong winds associated with the cold front which had just passed through; and a series of military aircraft performing touch-and-go's at the airbase. Among the planes landing on Endeavour's future runway were a few F-16's, a KC-135 tanker plane and three A-10's. It was a busy afternoon for air control there.

Weather permitting, Endeavour is scheduled to arrive at the Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility around 2:30 pm EST on Friday afternoon.

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