Friday, December 12, 2008

Endeavour Arrives at Kennedy Space Center

"Yes!", was the word as technicians and Kennedy Space Center personnel welcomed home space shuttle Endeavour today as she returned to her home station atop a Boeing 747 aircraft.

The massive wheels of the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft hit runway 33 with a small cloud of smoke at 2:44 pm EST today. Enjoy the NASA-KSC images we just received here at the Cape:

The aeronautical duo flew north over Patrick, AFB up to Cocoa Beach and then made a series of turns over the KSC industrial region. A beautiful blue sky with a shiny star hearlded a series of awes and "hey lookup there..." at the KSC Visitor's Complex this afternoon. That shiny star grew to silver and white as they flew closer, and the crowds turned their cameras skyward to capture a true American event.

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