Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Aeronautical Duo to Arrive at KSC @ 6:40 pm

The Space Shuttle Atlantis is due back home here at the Kennedy Space Center this evening - 22 days after her launch from America's Spaceport.

Thirteen days after her May 11 launch on a mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope, Atlantis landed at Edwards, AFB in the southern California desert on May 24 due to inclement weather along the coastline of Cape Canaveral.

After KSC technicians helped lift and mount Atlantis a top a modified Boeing 747-200 carrier aircraft, The Aeronautical Duo departed sunny California on Monday en route for an overnight stay on the western tip of Texas at Fort Bliss near El Paso.

After departing Fort Bliss, the 747 shuttle carrier aircraft brought Atlantis for short stops in San Antonio, Texas and Columbus, AFB in Mississippi today.

The 747 should be wheels up at 4:50 pm EDT, and following a flight across Alabama, southern Georgia and Florida, the pair should touch down at the shuttle landing facility tonight at about 6:40 pm.

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