Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Weather Satellite set for Friday Launch

NASA is just one day away from the launch of a Delta IV rocket with an advanced weather satellite a top from America's space coast.

The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite O, or GOES 14 when in space, is a multi-telescope and imaging weather satellite designed to study the emitting solar flares from the Sun and how it effects the earth's atmosphere. GOES will act in giving the world an early warning system of possible intense solar flares which can knock out earth bound communications.

Launch from Cape Canaveral AFS's launch complex 37 is planned for tomorrow evening, June 26, at the opening of a one-hour launch window which begins at 6:14 pm EDT.

The Cape Canaveral Air Force Meteorology group state only a 70% favorable weather forecast at launch time due to late afternoon summer thunderstorms around central Florida.

Later today at 1PM EDT, a NOAA & NASA news conference will be held at the Cape to discuss the GOES-O launch and mission. will cover both the conference today and the launch on Friday, beginning at 4PM, LIVE.

Once in space, GOES O will become GOES-14, and will undergo an operational test period of six months prior to being placed in storage until one of the two older GOES satellites fails. Please read our stories below for more details on the mission.

At T minus one day, eight hours 50 minutes until launch, this is

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