Thursday, June 04, 2009

Endeavour's Crew aboard, hatch closed for practice

The Kennedy Space Center's launch control center is working with the crew of the space shuttle Endeavour as they run through a practice launch countdown this morning.

Endeavour's seven member flight crew climb aboard around 8AM EDT, and began a series of communications checks with LCC and Mission Control located south of Houston.

At 9:25 am, the orbiter's hatch was closed, and a series of cabin leak checks began just as they will due on their June 13 launch day. The image above was captured at 9:41 am, and shows Endeavour with her protective steel structure around her, and the threat of storms nearby.

Meanwhile, a Phase one and later phase 2 lightning warning was issued for the entire Cape Canaveral area as dark clouds associated with storms off shore began to develop.

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