Friday, August 28, 2009

Discovery: T-9 Minutes and Counting...

Clocks in the launch control center have resumed counting down at T-8 minutes, 30 seconds and counting. Weather remains perfect for liftoff as the closing seconds of Friday night EDT tick away.

During the T-9 minute hold, a great shot of the Moon over the space shuttle stack was seen as it seem to pass by the gaseous oxygen vent hood.

At T-5 minutes, or 11:54:37 pm, pilot Kevin Ford will activate Discovery's three auxilary power units for flight. The three APU's power the movement of the main engine bells as they steer during ascent. The APU's also control the wing elevons and rudder as well.

At T-2 minutes, the flight crew of seven will close their visors for launch. The external tank will be pressurized for flight.

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