Monday, August 24, 2009

External Tank Fueling Underway on Discovery

The huge rust-colored external fuel tank is being loaded with super cold fuels for launch tonight as the space shuttle stack sits atop launch pad 39-A here at the Kennedy Space Center.

Fueling of the tank got underway on time at 4:11 pm EDT. Just over 526 thousand gallons of both liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen began slow filling into their respective tanks at 4:21 pm. Fully fueled at launch, the tank weighs a combined 1.66 million pounds.

Launch control is watching a few areas of rain in the Cape Canaveral area, however they will dissipate prior to launch time at 1:36:04 am EDT, tomorrow morning.

Tonight's launch will be the 33rd night launch for a space shuttle, the first occurring 26 years ago this week on STS-8. This week will also mark the silver anniversary of Discovery's first flight into space on mission STS-41D. Tonight will mark the start of her 37th voyage into space. is broadcasting LIVE television of the prelaunch operations here at the space Center. Twitter has been down in recent hours, however check back here for continuous updates on the flight of America's pride, Discovery.

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