Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SCRUB: Rain Clouds Delay Discovery Launch

Strong rains, lightning and low clouds formed along the Space Coast forcing NASA to scrub this morning's launch attempt of the space shuttle Discovery and retargeting launch for early Wednesday morning.

The launch team is resetting the clock to target launch of Discovery on her 37th mission for tomorrow at 1:10:22 am EDT.

Cape weather is predicting a 70% chance for favorable weather at launch time.

We will have continuing LIVE NASA-TV in widescreen via SpaceLaunchNews.com, and updates via our Twitter feed all day today through launch.

NASA has until August 31st to launch Discovery, or stand down until mid-October due to several factors. On September 10th, a Japanese cargo ship launches to the space station; and on September 30th, the 21st station expedition crew launches and will dock with the space station two days later.

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