Saturday, January 17, 2009

Delta IV-H: Tonight's Launch Info

beginning at 7:05 pm ET tonight

Tonight, a Delta IV-Heavy is set to lift-off on a military flight from Cape Canaveral. Here is the latest to follow the mission:

Liftoff: Tonight at 7:33 pm EST. Launch Window closes at 11:33 pm
Where: Cape Canaveral Air Station, Pad 37
Payload: NROL-26: Orion military satellite
Intended Orbit: GeoStationary [stay at a fixed point over a certain geographic area at the equator]
Flight: Second Delta IV-Heavy operational flight

This will make for a beautiful night, as the liquid fueled boosters light-up the clear night sky over Cape Canaveral. Stay tune for updates later today.

Trouble with a gaseous nitrogen (LN2) valve attached to ground equipment - not on the Delta - was the cause for two launch scrubs on Wednesday & Thursday.

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