Friday, January 09, 2009

Delta IV-H nears Tuesday Cape Launch

The launch of a Delta IV-H unmanned rocket from Cape Canaveral is firmly set for this Tuesday night on a classified department of defense flight.

Known as the Orion National Reconnaissance Office satellite 26, the payload is slated to lift-off between 7:01 pm and 11:59 pm EST, on January 13th. The DoD is keeping the exact launch time secret until early Tuesday morning for security reasons. However, a liftoff late in the 7 pm hour is most likely. 

Weather wise, winds near the 22 mph limit could delay the launch time. Rain or cloud levels are not expected to be an issue.

The first launch off the earth in 2009, the Delta IV-Heavy launcher will rise from Cape Canaveral Air Station Complex 37-B on a high inclination orbit. The 232-foot tall Delta will place Orion in geostationary orbit. This satellite will replace an older, not as tech savvy satellite currently on station.

We are working to provide live launch video of the mission. Stay tune.

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