Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Delta IV-H to Launch Wednesday at 7:45 pm

Weather conditions are expected to be great as Cape Canaveral Air Station prepares for Wednesday evening's launch of a Delta IV-Heavy, on a multi-delayed military mission.

Delta IV-H with her military satellite, Orion, are scheduled for launch at 7:45:01 pm EST tomorrow night from Launch Complex 37 here at Cape Canaveral. This will mark the opening of a nearly four hour launch window.

++ SpaceLaunchNews will support LIVE launch coverage beginning at 7:25 pm ET, running thru to about 20 minutes post-launch. Look for the Launch Coverage link at Top of this page. ++

Damage to foam insulation and weather concerns delayed tonight's launch attempt until Wednesday. The foam was repaired early this morning, but needs a full day to harden prior to launch.

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