Monday, January 19, 2009

Discovery Crew heads to KSC Today

Discovery sits at Pad 39-A today at 7:50 am.

The seven member crew of the next space shuttle mission will arrive here at the Kennedy Space Center at just before noon today to spend three days of launch pad training prior to their February launch.

Led by mission commander Col. Lee Archambault, the crew of Discovery will spend Tuesday at the launch pad discussing and demonstrating emergency escape procedures. On Wednesday morning, they will don their orange partial pressure suits and climb aboard Discovery for a mock countdown.

The crew is expected to begin arriving in four T-38A trainer jets at KSC's shuttle landing facility at about 11:30 am EST.

The crew is rounded out by pilot Tony Antonelli and mission specialists Joe Acaba, Richard Arnold, John Phillips, Steve Swanson and Koichi Wakata (Japan).

Discovery will carry the last huge set of solar arrays to the international space station beginning with her launch at 7:32 am EST, on February 12th.

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