Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Busy Sunday Aboard Space Station

Crews aboard the international space station will pluck an experiment rack from the payload bay of space shuttle Endeavour this morning for attachment to the newly installed exposed facility on the Japanese Kibo module.

The crews awoke this morning at 6:33 am EDT, to the music Learning to Fly by Tom Petty for Endeavour astronaut Chris Cassidy, earth's 500th human to make a spaceflight.

The thirteen humans which make of the crews of both the space station and Endeavour will work through today to grapple and move the Integrated Cargo Carrier - Vertical Light Deployable from the shuttle's aft section of the payload bay over to the station’s mobile transporter for Monday's spacewalk.

Last night, following the attachment of the Japanese Exposed Facility to the Kibo module, Japan's space agency tested the new platform and they reported to the crews this morning that it checks out great.

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