Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weather Improves for Tonight's Shuttle Launch

Weather may not be of concern this evening as NASA tries again to launch space shuttle Endeavour following a one day delay to review what damage if any several lightning strikes did to the launch pad.

Kathy Winters at the Air Force Meteorology Group here at Cape Canaveral has the weather at 70% "Go" for favorable conditions around the Kennedy Space Center at launch time.

Launch of Endeavour on NASA's third shuttle flight of the year is set for 7:13:55 pm EDT.

Once in earth orbit, Endeavour (above, today) and her crew of seven will spend two days to catch up with and dock to the international space station. Orbiting 220 miles high, the two vehicles will come together to compete the building of the Japanese Kibo module with the final segment - a huge tray platform which will host a variety of experiments exposed to the vacuum of space.

Fueling of the huge rust colored external tank is set to begin at 9:48 am EDT.


Deborah said...

Greetings Charles,
If it doesnt go today, do you know when the next opportunity is.

Also what sets the launch window times?

Jonathan on Deborah's account

Charles Atkeison said...

Hello - NASA will either select to try again at 6:51 pm EDT on Monday, or at 6:25 pm on Tuesday.
If they cannot launch by Tuesday, then Endeavour will stand down until about July 29th due to a Progress cargo ship which needs to launch from Russia to the space station on July 24.

Endeavour cannot be attached to the station when the Progress arrives due to a "balance" with the station.

Thanks for your question. Charles

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