Sunday, July 12, 2009

SCRUB: Endeavour Launch Delayed to Monday

The countdown clocks went into a 24-hour Hold recycle due to thunderstorms at launch time tonight, and the launch team will try again on Monday to launch space shuttle Endeavour.

Launch control canceled liftoff tonight due to rain storms inside twenty miles from the Kennedy Space Center's shuttle landing facility.

NASA Launch director Pete Nickolenko called Endeavour's commander at 7:02 pm to inform the crew of the scrub. "Roman, we got the vehicle ready and the weather unfortunately did not cooperate with us today, we had some colliding sea breezes. We're going to have to declare a scrub for today and try to bring the team back for another attempt tomorrow."

Launch has been reset for Monday night at 6:51:24 pm EDT.

The seven member flight crew began departing the orbiter's cabin shortly after 8:15 pm.

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