Friday, July 24, 2009

Station Spacewalk Ends on Successful Note

The fourth spacewalk during space shuttle Endeavour's docked time to the international space station ended with success as two astronauts wrapped up the longest orbital walk of the STS-127 flight.

Endeavour astronauts Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn (left, today), both making their second spacewalk, switched their space suits to internal power at 9:54 am EDT, to begin the 7 hour, 12 minute orbital walk in space.

The replacement of the final four batteries, which help move the solar arrays attached to the Port 6 truss segment, completed another of the major tasks of this shuttle flight.

Up next for Endeavour, the crew will have the entire day off on Saturday. On Sunday, the station and Endeavour crews will prepare for Monday's final spacewalk of the mission.

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