Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Endeavour Soars in the Ocean of Space

The newly undocked space shuttle Endeavour continues this afternoon to move away from its home for the last 12 days, the international space station, following work to complete the construction of the Japanese Kibo science module.

Moments following undocking, Endeavour flew around the station, and then performed two separation burn to begin the orbiter's track back home for a Friday morning landing at the Kennedy Space Center.

At 3:18 pm, Endeavour was 13,200 feet away from the space station, as it moves out to a distance of about 46 miles below and ahead.

Meanwhile, there will be two great sighting opportunities of the newly seperated shuttle and station from most sections of the United States both tonight and on Wednesday evening after sunset.

For example, on Wednesday night in the north Atlanta, Georgia area, Endeavour will travel across the night sky for three minutes beginning at 9:04 pm EDT, followed minutes later by the space station at 9:06 pm. They will travel from west toward southeast as two bright stars in the blackness of space. At Cape Canaveral tomorrow, the space duo will fly over starting at 9:05 pm.

Click Here for the link of a complete updated listing to find your city and the times and directions the two will fly over.

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