Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Endeavour's Crew arrives at Kennedy Space Center

The flight crew of space shuttle Endeavour arrived here at the Kennedy Space Center this afternoon as they prepare for their launch this Saturday on a 16 day mission to the international space station.

A NASA Gulfstream II jet touched down at KSC's shuttle landing facility at 1:17 pm EDT, following a trip which carried them over thunderstorms as they flew across the northern Gulf of Mexico. Upon landing, dark grey clouds and thunder kept crew comments to the awaiting media brief.

The STS-127 mission's commander, Mark Polansky, summed up their feelings this way today, "I can tell you that this crew and the entire operations team are both eager and ready to get to work. Hopefully the next time we talk to you will be from orbit."

Based on weather tomorrow, Polansky and his pilot Doug Hurley, will take the Gulfstream jet up for several approaches as they practice night landings here at Kennedy. The Gulfstream II is modified to handle like the space shuttle orbiter.

Late on Wednesday, the countdown will begin for Saturday's launch at 7:39:33 pm EDT.

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