Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Atlas V Launch Scrubbed Due to Leaky Valve

The launch of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with it's centaur upper stage was called off this evening due to a leaky fuel valve minutes into the fueling of the huge rocket.

The launch from Cape Canaveral AFS was set to occur at 9:24 pm EDT this evening. However, according to ULA, during the early evening fueling, a leak in the fuel valve of the centaur stage caused the launch team to scrub for the night.

ULA states that from draining the rocket's fuel to opening the rocket up to investigate the valve could take two days, thus a no earlier than Friday evening launch attempt is the order.

Stay tune to spacelaunchnews.com and your S L N Twitter updates for a new launch time from here at Cape Canaveral. We will have LIVE television coverage of the launch when it happens.

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