Saturday, March 28, 2009

Live from the Kennedy Space Center

Good morning from the Kennedy Space Center, as SpaceLaunch keeps you updated during a busy and interesting day in spaceflight history.

At this moment, there are three manned spacecraft orbiting about 218 miles above the southern Pacific Ocean [right]. One of them - Discovery - left the international space station two days ago after bringing up and installing the final solar array truss for the earth's outpost in space.

A second ship, a Soyuz TMA-14 - which launched two days ago - is in the final stage of arriving and docking this morning at 9:14 am EDT with the station as two of the three crew members aboard begin their six month stay in space. The third spacecraft is the a fore mentioned space station. A huge, beautiful complex which can now support a crew of six for six months at a time.

As the space station trails Discovery in orbit by 1000 miles, the orbiter is busy preparing for today's 1:39 pm landing here at KSC. Currently, NASA astronaut Brent Jett will soon be flying overhead here at KSC taking off and performing weather checks aboard a NASA T-38A jet, and later [after 10AM ET] a Gulf Stream II jet.

The weather is beautiful right now with scattered high clouds over a nice blue sky; temperature 70 degrees F; Humidity is 90% and the wind is from the south at about 10 to 12 mph.

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