Wednesday, March 11, 2009

T-11 hours, 45 minutes Until Launch...

Discovery this morning awaits liftoff. photo: Jimmy Brown SLN

Here is a brief Launch Day time line for today [all times EDT]:

11:55 am: External Tank fueling begins
12 noon: Flight crew awakes to begin launch day
3:00 pm: ET fueling should be completed
4:00 pm: Crew meal period
4:00 pm: LIVE Launch Coverage begins
5:00 pm Crew dons their orange pressure suits
5:30 pm: Crew departs for launch pad 39-A
5:55 pm: Crew begins orbiter ingress
7:05 pm: Discovery's hatch closure
8:26 pm: T-:09 minutes HOLDING (40 min Hold)
9:11:14 pm: T-:09 minutes and counting
9:20:14 pm: Exact launch time [to be updated during T-9min Hold]

Stay tune for updates through today, and all mission long.

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