Saturday, March 21, 2009

Discovery's Crew Awakes; Spacewalk #2 Today

Discovery astronauts will perform the second spacewalk of the flight this afternoon, as mission specialists Steve Swanson and Joe Acaba venture out to perform a few housekeeping chores.

ExtraVehicular Activity [NASA speak for spacewalk] #2 is scheduled to begin at 12:43 pm EDT, and conclude about 6 1/2-hours later. You can watch LIVE coverage of EVA #2 on SpaceLaunch News.

Discovery's crew were awoken a few minutes late - at 7:47 am EDT - to the music In a Little While by the group Pilgrim & Trout, as the brightest star in earth's nighttime sky flew over northeastern China and into an Orbital Sunset.

"Good morning Houston. And thanks [to his family] for the song and were ready for another great day in orbit," stated mission specialist Ricky Arnold.

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