Monday, March 23, 2009

Discovery's third Spacewalk concludes

Discovery astronauts conducted their third and final spacewalk of the shuttle's mission to the international space station late today, completing tasks such as the relocation of an equipment rail cart.

Mission specialists Joe Acaba and Richard Arnold completed a six hour & 27 minute spacewalk at 6:04 pm EDT, following their entrance into the station's Quest airlock. It was the 123rd spacewalk in supports of space station construction, which now totals 775 hours.

The spacewalking duo moved the Crew Equipment Translation Aid (CETA) cart from the Port 1 to Starboard 1 truss via a rail system across the middle of the station. Later, Arnold is applied a lubricant grease to three snares and six bearings within the latching end effector of the space station's robotic arm.

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