Saturday, March 21, 2009

Discovery Astronauts Complete Second Spacewalk

Discovery's astronauts Steve Swanson and Joe Acaba completed the second spacewalk of the STS-119 mission this evening at 7:21 pm EDT, following the installation of a work site area and a GPS antenna.

The duo installed a Global Positioning System antenna on the Japanese Kibo module, next to another one installed late last year. The two GPS antenna will h
elp in the rendezvous and docking of the Japanese HTV cargo transport to the space station this September. Japan will join Europe and Russia as they launch their cargo carriers to deliver supplies to the station several times a year.

Earlier this afternoon, Swanson and Acaba installed a work area on the Port 6 truss segment so that a future shuttle flight can change out the batteries in the P6 region.

A third and final spacewalk is set for
midday on Monday.

Today's six hour & 30 minute orbital walk was the 122nd in support of space station construction; now totaling 768 hours and 33 minutes since the autumn of 1998.

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