Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Delta II STSS-ATRR to Launch Today from VAFB

The United States Missile Defense Agency and NASA launch services will send a tracking satellite into orbit this afternoon from Vandenberg, AFB in California in an effort to monitor and intercept ballistic missiles.

The Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS) Advanced Technology Risk Reduction (ATRR) satellite will orbit the earth from pole to pole and inclined 196 degrees to the earth's 90 degree longitude line. STSS- ATRR will begin 24-hour daily operations as it looks for ICBM's from possible terror countries.

Liftoff of a United Launch Alliance Delta II-7920 from Vandenberg's space launch complex 2-west is planned for Tuesday, May 5th at 1:24 pm PDT (4:24 pm EDT). The launch window lasts 28 minutes. If a scrub is called, the T-0 for May 6th will also be the same time.

The survaliance satellite will operate in low earth orbit. With more unstable countries testing missles, there is an increased threat to a possible ICBM threating unprotected Pacific islands as well as the United States. STSS- ATRR will be one of several satellites in specific orbits working to protect U.S. intrests.

There will no LIVE television of the launch, however spacelaunchnews.com's Up to the Minute will have LIVE updates via our Twitter feed.

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