Sunday, May 10, 2009

Atlantis Poised for Monday Launch

Atlantis at 5:36 pm EDT, awaits her Monday launch.

The huge rotating service structure which protects the space shuttle from weather and allows technicians access to the payload bay was swung away late this afternoon, exposing Atlantis as she awaits her Monday launch.

The Launch Complex 39-A RSS began it's roll back from Atlantis at 5:22 pm EDT, and within 25 minutes, was in the launch position. The weather has been beautiful - but hot! It was 89 degrees F, with a heat index of 93F as the service structure began its move. The gaseous oxygen vent hood lay parked in the hover position over the tip of the external tank.

Launch remains targeted for 2:01 pm EDT tomorrow afternoon with the weather forecast to be 90% favorable for liftoff. The launch team is not working any issues late today.

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