Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Atlantis Crew Rests, Holds News Conference

The seven member crew of the shuttle Atlantis will receive some much deserved time off today after eight full days of successfully working to restore and upgrade the Edwin Hubble Space Telescope.

Atlantis' commander Scott Altman, pilot Greg Johnson and mission specialists John Grunsfeld, Mike Massimino, Andrew Feustel, Michael Good and K. Megan McArthur awoke at 4:01 am EDT, to begin their ninth day in space to the theme from
Star Trek in honor of the crew and their astronomical flight.

The crew will devote today to personal time, however they will clean up the crew cabin and at 10:26 am EDT, will begin their in flight crew news conference with reporters. You can watch the conference LIVE right here via

Ninety minutes later, at 12:06 pm, the crew will make a ship-to-ship call in the vast ocean of space to the three person crew aboard the international space station orbiting 220 miles above earth. Expedition 19 crew members include Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka, American astronaut Michael Barratt and Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata.

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