Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hubble Spacewalk #4 Concludes

Florida & Cape Canaveral were visible on Saturday.

Atlantis astronauts Mike Massimino and Michael Good have reentered the airlock to close out the fourth spacewalk devoted to restoring and servicing the health of the Hubble Space Telescope's imaging spectrograph.

Delays in removing the 111 screws which hold the protective plate in place over the spectrograph and a trouble some handle on Hubble caused the spacewalk to extend an extra 92 minutes. The delay caused another task to be bumped until tomorrow's fifth spacewalk of the STS-125 mission.

Massimino and Good's second extravehicular activity (EVA) or spacewalk of the mission ended at 5:47 pm EDT, when the pair went from suit power to external power. And, according to Mission Control tonight, today's spacewalk is now the sixth longest in history. A 2001 EVA is listed as the longest.

Today's spacewalk was the 81st from a space shuttle orbiter, and the 22nd in support of servicing the space telescope since the first servicing mission in December 1993. Total Hubble space walking time since that Endeavour mission in 1993 is now 159 hours and 4 minutes.

Following the spectrograph repair, the two began to clean up and stow their tools. It was at athis point around 5:10 pm EDT, that Massimino reported a hole in the palm area of his left white glove. It was reported his suit continued to show a good pressure of 10.2 PSI.

The crew are set to go to bed at 9:30 pm tonight, and will awake eight hours later.

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