Sunday, May 24, 2009

NASA Delays Atlantis' Landing by One Orbit

Continuing weather concerns at Cape Canaveral, Florida forced Mission Control and entry flight director Norm Knight to delay Atlantis return home one orbit, and are looking at the next two opportunities into both Kennedy Space Center and Edwards, AFB today.

"The atmosphere is unstable. As the temperature rises, it's going to approach the trigger point that triggers off thunderstorms. You've got a forecast of thunderstorms within 30 [miles of KSC], and so we are going to target KSC and Edwards," Mission Control just radioed the crew of Atlantis.

The next Kennedy opportunity would see Atlantis fire her breaking engines at 10:41 am and aim for a Florida landing at 11:48 am EDT, during their 197th orbit of the earth.

Edwards, AFB in the southern California desert would see main gear touchdown at 11:40 am and second chance there at 1:17 pm EDT, today.

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