Monday, May 04, 2009

And Our Blu-Ray DVD Winner is... and SLN: Up to the Minute are giving away the combo movie package from IMAX, The Blue Planet & The Dream is Alive - on Blu-Ray!

Last week, we asked the question:
"What was your most memorable moment from the last 28 years of the Space Shuttle era". And while we only received four responses (I guess Blu-ray is not still accepted), we are here to announce the winner. Our winner gave a creative touch and was witnessed first hand. A very nice read... and so our winner is: Jonathan Woodworth. Mr. Woodworth, please email us at as to where to mail your Blu-ray DVD. Thank-you to all who shared your stories.

Later this week, we will give away another cool space item related to next weeks Hubble servicing mission.

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