Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NASA Releases Atlantis' Booster Cameras Video

NASA this morning released the videos of Atlantis STS-125 climb to orbit from the prospective of her rocket boosters, and we like most thought it was incredible.

Atlantis lifted-off on Monday, May 11th. We captured a few still images from the different views and find them amazing. The yellow number at the top is seconds into the launch phase nearly nine days ago.

At 39 seconds into Atlantis' launch on May 11, you can see shadow of her smoke pillar from the solid rocket boosters stretch out over the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline of Cape Canaveral - America's Spaceport - is also visible in this shot from the right hand booster.

Nine seconds later, the left booster camera shows the Kennedy Space Center as Atlantis throttle's down her main engines.

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